Are you looking for an indoor drinking fountain, but not sure about which unit will best suit your environments demands? Don’t you stress, The Water Cooler Company offers a range of drinking fountains in various shapes and sizes to suit any environment. Our indoor drinking water fountain range includes floor standing units, wall mounted units, […]

Is it Possible to Reduce Employee Sick Leave?

  Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to reduce the amount of sick leave that employees take? Now here’s a question that may excite even the stodgiest of office managers.  According to research done by PwC, UK workers take almost twice as many sick days than those in the US.  This places a heavy […]
Water coolers

The Pros of Renting a Water Cooler

In today’s economic climate, there are few certainties. Yet when it comes to providing your family or employees with fresh, chilled water, there ought to be no compromise. Luckily, there are two options when it comes to investing in a water cooler for your office or home: to rent or buy outright. To help you […]
Office Water Cooler Archetypes

Office Water Cooler Archetypes

In yet another attempt to ensure that the office water cooler is a refreshing (and peaceful) hydration solution, as opposed to an overwhelming source of office awkwardness (you can learn all about Office Water Cooler Etiquette here), we’ve decided to take a look at the different kinds of people you’ll often find huddled around the […]
Water Cooler Company Office Water Cooler Etiquette

Office Water Cooler Etiquette

Also known as the thirsty office worker’s manifesto for drinking from the office water cooler. While an open and constant source of chilled, thirst-quenching water is never something to take for granted, there is an etiquette you should take note of when it comes to the office water cooler. And we at the Water Cooler […]
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How to Clean Your Water Cooler

As with anything, there’s a hard way and an easy way to do things. And while you may not realise it (it just stores and dispenses water?) the bottled water cooler in your home and office can get dirty. We’d recommend that you clean your water cooler every six- to eight-weeks. And with the right […]
Caged Water Cooler

A strangely caged water cooler bottle

We stumbled this image of a caged water cooler while looking for new innovations in the wacky world of water coolers. We have no idea why you would want to cage a water cooler bottle unless you are very worried about others messing with the bottle. This does seem over the top though.  
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Mains-fed Water Cooler Installation

Although the soundtrack and voice-over may be more akin to space exploration, this useful video shows the steps necessary to install a main-fed water cooler. The Water Cooler Company follows all the guidelines of the EDWCA and also works with the BWCA to help define the criteria for a secure mains-fed water cooler installation.

The Aquaovo

Today we had our attention drawn towards a very high end water dispenser from a company in France called the Aquaovo. Videos speak a thousand words and you can see the product video below. It may be in French but it is easy to get an idea of the function and style of the product […]

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