glass great bear water cooler bottle - Crate front

Glass Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles | With Wooden Crate

This week we received another series of photos from an American friend who – while sorting out his life long possessions for a yard-sale- stumbled upon a glass great bear water cooler bottle. As previously covered in a series of blogs on The Water Delivery Company,  The Great Bear Company is one of the oldest […]
Recycled Plastic Bottle Sculptures

Recycled Plastic Water Bottle Sculptures | The Debate Continues

Plastic bottles (especially water bottles) receive bad press on a fairly regular basis – and the sight of recycled plastic water bottle sculptures for sale at a roadside stall near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa rekindled the debate for us. The Water Cooler Company specialise on the supply of plumbed mains-fed water coolers but do also […]
Vintage Water Cooler Advert

Vintage Water Coolers

We had a request this week for three vintage water cooler (ideally from 1983) needed for a film set by one of our clients. After a short time exploring our water cooler suppliers & friends we were able to find a suitable water cooler & also supply an original – albeit American – glass water […]
Museum of Water

The Museum of Water

So how did we end up at the Museum of Water this week. Our water scanners are ever active looking across the UK for companies, individuals & charities doing interesting things with water. The “Museum of Water” fitted perfectly. London artist Amy Sharrocks, has opened up a ‘collection of water’ on the Broadwick Street site where physician […]
Whole World Water

Whole World Water

We were interested to see Mr Branson recently lending his support to the “Whole World Water” initiative as you can see in the video below. We support the philosophy behind the initiative and have a range of products suitable for installation within the catering & hospitality industry. Full details on the initiative can be found […]
Water Cooler Rental Options

Bottled water cooler rental options now available

As part of the new launch of updated website for The Water Cooler Company we have launched a comprehensive group of products focused on bottled water cooler rental options. Since 2003 we have always kept our bottled water cooler website – – separate from our plumbed water cooler brand (The Water Cooler Company). We […]
Plumbed Water Coolers

The Water Cooler Company new website has launched

The Water Cooler Company’s new website was launched this morning in a soft launch to the general public. We anticipate this launch to be an important event for our company as we move to a web platform where we can arrange all our product categories into one simple to purchase website. The Water Cooler Company […]
Oasis water cooler

Oasis Water Coolers

The water cooler company is the leading distributor of the Oasis water coolers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. We supply everything from the entry level Atlantis cooler through to the mighty Aquabar and Kalix models. Oasis water coolers have been seen as the leading light of the water cooler industry for many years and the production […]
Severn Trent MOD

Severn Trent Costain project

Severn Trent Costain is pioneering the use of solar panels to power remotely located water meters for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The environmentally friendly photovoltaic panels provide a solution to the challenge of providing electricity to remote sites, which are often a considerable distance from the nearest mains power source, the company said. The […]

Children need to be educated about keeping hydrated

We all know that drinking plenty of water throughout the day can have many health benefits because we are constantly being educated by television campaigns and stories in the media, but do children know just how important it is to drink lots of water? Quite often the need to educate young people on the benefits of drinking water has been overlooked […]

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