Drinking Water Fountains

The Water Cooler Company is part of a wider group of companies that supply drinking water solutions across the UK. Our drinking water fountains are traditionally associated with high usage public environments, such as schools and general access areas within companies.

These fountains are very robust and we can source models that can be installed externally if needed. Certain drinking water fountains can be mounted or bracketed to walls.

We carry certain basic drinking water fountains in stock and we also source a wide range of drinking water fountains for customers individual needs – such as wall mounted, mini water fountains for schools, wall-inset fountains, and direct chill models.

We also offer a range of higher end American drinking water fountains which are the highest quality build fountains available in the UK. The American market for water fountains is significantly larger than the UK market. For the full range of drinking water fountains that we stock please see our specific water fountain website – DrinkingWaterFountains.co.uk– or call 0845 500 4455 so we can give you advice on your requirements.



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