Under Sink Chillers

The Water Cooler Company is part of a wider group of companies that supply drinking water solutions across the UK. Our under sink chillers are traditionally associated with offices where space is at a premium, often found within our home market of London.

Under sink chillers filter and chill water from your existing water supply and are typically served to customers through a tap on a kitchen surface. Although small in size, basic under sink chillers are capable of dispensing at least five litres per hour of chilled water.

Safety and hygiene are guaranteed by the stainless steel cold tank connected directly to the water supply. The compressor is also fitted with an overload protector to ensure that it is not affected by power variations.  A water filter is can be attached to this chiller to ensure the purity of the drinking water. A high quality swan neck tap is supplied for dispensing the drinking water.

We offer a range of under sink chillers for higher capacity environments such as bars and restaurants. We can also provide custom designed reusable drinking bottles.

For more information on our range of under sink chillers please look at www.undersinkchillers.com or call us on 0845 500 4455.


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