The Pros of Renting a Water Cooler

In today’s economic climate, there are few certainties. Yet when it comes to providing your family or employees with fresh, chilled water, there ought to be no compromise.

Luckily, there are two options when it comes to investing in a water cooler for your office or home: to rent or buy outright. To help you make the right choice when it comes to this decision, we’re going to explore the pros of a rental water cooler vs a bought one.

Initial Costs

It’s important that the decision to rent or buy a water cooler is one that takes your budget into account. Rental coolers involve an ongoing monthly fee, whereas buying one means a high upfront price that may require you to still pay a monthly fee for bottle delivery and other services. Renting a water cooler from the Water Cooler Company gives you the chance to get a water cooler in your home or office without the need for an upfront payment. As a first step, a rental cooler can be seen as a tester. You’ll not only be able to gage the need for a cooler in your office or home, but you’ll also be able to do so without the commitment of buying one first. In this way, you can gain realistic insight into what kind of water cooler you need, where it ought to be placed, and what sort of water cooler related services (i.e. water bottle delivery) you may need to invest in.

Installation Costs

Some water coolers require the need for installation. Should you wish to rent a water cooler that requires installation, it’s important to check whether the installation is included. With the Water Cooler Company, the renting of a cooler does include installation, which means that you can rent the cooler without the additional worry of working out where it will be placed and having to arrange an engineer to install it for you, at an additional cost.

Maintenance Costs

While you will have to pay a monthly fee for a rental cooler, this fee is often quite worthwhile as it covers an all inclusive package. This package will see to it that your unit will receive quarterly sanitisation visits to keep it in a sterile and clean condition – visits which are vital to maintaining the quality of the water and the longevity of the cooler. You’ll also be able to rely on a trusted team of engineers who’ll deal with any problems you may experience with your unit in a quick and efficient manner. This means that a rental cooler is a cost effective water solution because of the number of services that are included in the monthly fee. Buying a water cooler could mean that you’ll have to arrange the sanitation visits yourself, at higher costs that could see you paying more money more often than you would were you renting.

To put it simply, the Pros:

  • No large upfront payment
  • Worry free investment – if anything goes wrong, The Water Cooler company engineers will fix it
  • Reliable service
  • Variable length of contracts for you to choose from
  • Installation, cleaning and maintenance services
  • Variety of water coolers available for rent
  • Fixed monthly fee for the unit – it will not increase throughout the term of your contract with us
  • Potential to upgrade to the latest water cooler model free of charge on expiry of your contract

The Water Cooler Company is the trusted name for water coolers in the UK, and offers a large range of drinking fountains and water coolers for rent in your office or home. Contact us today to find out more about our rental coolers – call 0330 123 3309 or visit


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