Water Coolers

Water coolers

The Pros of Renting a Water Cooler

In today’s economic climate, there are few certainties. Yet when it comes to providing your family or employees with fresh, chilled water, there ought to be no compromise. Luckily, there are two options when it comes to investing in a water cooler for your office or home: to rent or buy outright. To help you […]
Onyx water cooler

How to Clean Your Water Cooler

As with anything, there’s a hard way and an easy way to do things. And while you may not realise it (it just stores and dispenses water?) the bottled water cooler in your home and office can get dirty. We’d recommend that you clean your water cooler every six- to eight-weeks. And with the right […]
glass great bear water cooler bottle - Crate front

Glass Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles | With Wooden Crate

This week we received another series of photos from an American friend who – while sorting out his life long possessions for a yard-sale- stumbled upon a glass great bear water cooler bottle. As previously covered in a series of blogs on The Water Delivery Company,  The Great Bear Company is one of the oldest […]
Oasis water cooler

Oasis Water Coolers

The water cooler company is the leading distributor of the Oasis water coolers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. We supply everything from the entry level Atlantis cooler through to the mighty Aquabar and Kalix models. Oasis water coolers have been seen as the leading light of the water cooler industry for many years and the production […]
Water Cooler wrapped in camouflaged design

Camouflaged Water Cooler to be launched in the UK in 2013

The Water Cooler Company prides itself in understanding the specific needs of our customers. Our soon-to-be-launched Camouflage design water dispenser is the first ever stainless steel cooler designed specifically with the hunting/military enthusiast in mind. Combining professional grade water dispensing capabilities, with a design that will blend seamlessly into the background when you are out based […]
water cooler drinking water

BWCA encourages water cooler breaks for Olympics staff

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA), in light of the upcoming Olympics, is reminding companies to have water on hand and to encourage staff to drink their healthy, calorie-free eight glasses a day throughout the summer months. Regular water cooler breaks may not be enough in August, according to the BWCA. BWCA suggests installing big screens near […]
bottled water cooler ice

Water Coolers just got Cooler … Ice-cold!

If you use a water cooler to get fresh, pure, filtered water, it only makes sense that the ice cubes you use are of just as good quality. A clever yet simple ice maker utilises bottled water used in water coolers to make up to 26kg of ice a day. Full automatic and incredibly easy […]

Water cooler bottles used in cannons

We know water coolers can be vital in the fight against dehydration….but terrorism? The humble office water cooler bottle is being deployed in the latest military hardware to deal with hostage situations and terrorist threats. Cardiff-based BCB International has developed the Wall Breaker: a bizarre cannon that fires the water bottles into buildings at high […]

Apex Bottle-less Water Cooler

  The Water Cooler Company is pleased to introduce the new Apex water cooler to its range. The stainless steel body of this water cooler makes it easy to keep clean. The common problem people have with a water cooler is when filling bottles or jugs the dispense area is not large enough to accommodate them.No such problem with the […]

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