Olympic security ban on bottled water

water coolers OlympicsSpectators will be banned from taking bottles of water into the Olympic Park in case they are used to conceal so-called ‘liquid bombs’.

Airport-style security means all liquids in containers of 100ml or more will be confiscated – leaving visitors to buy drinks at inflated prices once inside.

A series of test events took place at the Olympic Park in Stratford last week ahead of the London 2012 Games.

But many visitors were disgruntled to find that a range of items, including bottles of water, will not be permitted inside the gates.

However, water coolers will be located across the site so that visitors can fill up their own empty water bottles for free at any time. Water coolers will not only help to minimise security concerns, but will also save visitors money on expensive bottled water. And reusing water bottles will also reduce waste, which will help London 2012 in its bid to be the greenest ever Olympics.

The Water Cooler Company is pleased to see a free and environmentally alternative to bottled water available at such a huge international event. And water coolers are not just for special occasions – The Water Cooler Company offers a fantastic range of practical yet stylish coolers for any home, office or public space.

Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin is a part-time journalist who writes articles for Drinking Waters UK - one of the UK's largest suppliers of drinking water products including water fountains, water coolers, water filters, distilled water and spring water. Add me to your Google+ circles.

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