Bottleless Water Coolers


Are you looking for an indoor drinking fountain, but not sure about which unit will best suit your environments demands? Don’t you stress, The Water Cooler Company offers a range of drinking fountains in various shapes and sizes to suit any environment. Our indoor drinking water fountain range includes floor standing units, wall mounted units, […]

Is it Possible to Reduce Employee Sick Leave?

  Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to reduce the amount of sick leave that employees take? Now here’s a question that may excite even the stodgiest of office managers.  According to research done by PwC, UK workers take almost twice as many sick days than those in the US.  This places a heavy […]
Recycled Plastic Bottle Sculptures

Recycled Plastic Water Bottle Sculptures | The Debate Continues

Plastic bottles (especially water bottles) receive bad press on a fairly regular basis – and the sight of recycled plastic water bottle sculptures for sale at a roadside stall near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa rekindled the debate for us. The Water Cooler Company specialise on the supply of plumbed mains-fed water coolers but do also […]
Water Cooler Rental Options

Bottled water cooler rental options now available

As part of the new launch of updated website for The Water Cooler Company we have launched a comprehensive group of products focused on bottled water cooler rental options. Since 2003 we have always kept our bottled water cooler website – – separate from our plumbed water cooler brand (The Water Cooler Company). We […]
Oasis water cooler

Oasis Water Coolers

The water cooler company is the leading distributor of the Oasis water coolers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. We supply everything from the entry level Atlantis cooler through to the mighty Aquabar and Kalix models. Oasis water coolers have been seen as the leading light of the water cooler industry for many years and the production […]
Severn Trent MOD

Severn Trent Costain project

Severn Trent Costain is pioneering the use of solar panels to power remotely located water meters for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The environmentally friendly photovoltaic panels provide a solution to the challenge of providing electricity to remote sites, which are often a considerable distance from the nearest mains power source, the company said. The […]
water coolers replace water bottles

Supermarkets challenged on plastic bottle waste

Supermarket giants in Marlow should be challenged over plastic waste, councillors say. Marlow Town Council wants to crackdown on the amount of plastic, especially bottles, and aims to persuade big name stores to reduce their outlay. Cllr Kathy Thomson told a public meeting last week the council should try to take on the might of […]
rental water coolers

Water Coolers for Rent

People often now opt for fizzy drinks over water and this bad habit is contributing to ever-rising levels of obesity in the UK. And it isn’t just the UK experiencing this problem; it is a problem occurring across the world. But people are coming up with innovative solutions to combat this difficult issue. A businessman […]

Olympic security ban on bottled water

Spectators will be banned from taking bottles of water into the Olympic Park in case they are used to conceal so-called ‘liquid bombs’. Airport-style security means all liquids in containers of 100ml or more will be confiscated – leaving visitors to buy drinks at inflated prices once inside. A series of test events took place […]

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