Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin is a part-time journalist who writes articles for Drinking Waters UK - one of the UK's largest suppliers of drinking water products including water fountains, water coolers, water filters, distilled water and spring water. Add me to your Google+ circles.

Children need to be educated about keeping hydrated

We all know that drinking plenty of water throughout the day can have many health benefits because we are constantly being educated by television campaigns and stories in the media, but do children know just how important it is to drink lots of water? Quite often the need to educate young people on the benefits of drinking water has been overlooked […]
water coolers replace water bottles

Supermarkets challenged on plastic bottle waste

Supermarket giants in Marlow should be challenged over plastic waste, councillors say. Marlow Town Council wants to crackdown on the amount of plastic, especially bottles, and aims to persuade big name stores to reduce their outlay. Cllr Kathy Thomson told a public meeting last week the council should try to take on the might of […]
water coolers at home

Why have a water cooler at home?

Water coolers are enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Their ease-of-use, added safety benefits and cost effectiveness makes them an ideal addition to your home, and The Water Cooler Company is just the place to go to get the water cooler you want. If you are looking for the most premium water coolers range, then look no further. […]
maintaining clean water coolers

The Importance of Being Cleaned

Bottled water coolers placed in offices and homes are a wonderful tool but it is vital that they are maintained properly in order for people to keep drinking clean and fresh water. It is an understandable but misguided assumption that, after purchase, your water cooler will forever stay in pristine working order. These water coolers […]
bottled water cooler

Cleaning your water cooler

Water coolers are dispensers of clean water that serve as a convenient source of hydration. They are incredibly popular in corporate offices as a gathering place for workers to take a break and refresh themselves before heading back to work. However, if not looked after properly, water coolers can also serve as an optimal environment […]
Heineken office water cooler

Heineken revamps the office water cooler

It may only be wishful thinking, but jokers at Heineken came up with an interesting way to make boozy lunches more convenient – with a concept of turning the humble office water cooler into beer on tap. Heineken advertisers designed a bottled water cooler that replaces a traditional water supply with a large bottle of […]
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BWCA encourages water cooler breaks for Olympics staff

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA), in light of the upcoming Olympics, is reminding companies to have water on hand and to encourage staff to drink their healthy, calorie-free eight glasses a day throughout the summer months. Regular water cooler breaks may not be enough in August, according to the BWCA. BWCA suggests installing big screens near […]
water sanitation charity

The One Foundation: Cleaning Water Worldwide

Ensuring everyone has access to clean water is an issue of great importance to us at The Water Cooler Company, and we celebrate the successes of projects such as this one from The One Foundation. Using a ‘like-for-like’ concept to raise money for their charitable projects, The One Foundation donates 100% of profits from its […]
bottled water cooler ice

Water Coolers just got Cooler … Ice-cold!

If you use a water cooler to get fresh, pure, filtered water, it only makes sense that the ice cubes you use are of just as good quality. A clever yet simple ice maker utilises bottled water used in water coolers to make up to 26kg of ice a day. Full automatic and incredibly easy […]
rental water coolers

Water Coolers for Rent

People often now opt for fizzy drinks over water and this bad habit is contributing to ever-rising levels of obesity in the UK. And it isn’t just the UK experiencing this problem; it is a problem occurring across the world. But people are coming up with innovative solutions to combat this difficult issue. A businessman […]

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