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Saving Money With Bottleless Water Coolers

We have taken the time to calculate how much money you will save if you rent mains fed Water Coolers compared to bottled coolers. You should really take up the time to read this, because at the end of the day these money are coming out of your pocket and it will be wise to […]

Coffee Roasters Started with a Plumbed in Water Cooler

Two young entrepreneurs from New Zealand, who started out in the world of business with a plumbed in water cooler company, went on to win a national competition with their brand new coffee brand. The brains behind Avalanche Coffee, which recently came out top-taking away the Supreme Winner prize-at the New Zealand Coffee Awards, are […]

Manchester gets Plumbed in Water Cooler Supply

In a bid to save money, as well as do their bit for the environment, Manchester City Council have invested in plumbed in water cooler installations in town halls, which will replace the bottled water supplies that are currently in place. Not only this, but sterilising units have also been installed, allowing the authority’s catering […]

Concerns for Lead Levels in School Water Coolers

Students at both MacLean Elementary and Rossland Secondary School in Rossland, British Columbia will continue to drink from bottles-as they have been for the past few weeks-, as the plumbed in water cooler units that were recently installed in both institutes are continuing to distribute supplies of liquid that, when tested, are shown to contain […]

Dengue Fever Fears in Ludhiana

A city in the Punjab region of India is facing strains on its health authorities and hospitals, as numerous patients are being brought in, as dengue fever continues to spread from person to person. Both the Family Welfare Department and the Health Department in the city of Ludhiana have stated that the current number of […]

Summer Cold Blues and your Plumbed in Water Cooler

Whatever your plans for the summer months, there is nothing that thwarts them quite like a stinking summer cold. A runny nose, puffy eyes and a lack of sense of smell/taste really does put a dampener on things. If you find yourself tucked up in bed feeling sorry for yourself, take comfort in the fact […]

Plumbed in Water Cooler is Malaria Safe house

Here at The Water Cooler Company, we pride ourselves on many things, including our customer service, and the ways in which we keep up to date with each and every plumbed in water cooler we supply to businesses and homes in and around London. Ordering new accessories, such as cups and cup dispensers, can be […]

Plumbed in water coolers Subject to Cuts in Hospitals

We’re all more than aware of the cuts that have been made in recent months, across the public sector, to help rectify the effects of the recession on the UK, and worldwide. For many, this has unfortunately meant being made redundant, and for others, changes have been made to their office environment, such as cutting […]

Redbridge council switches to Plumbed in Water Coolers

As budgets and spending money for local councils up and down the UK are cut by the new coalition government, Redbridge council is reviewing its spending on bottled water throughout the last few years, and is planning on saving money and previous resources by switching to plumbed in water coolers for their offices. The decision […]

Watery concert takes place in Switzerland

It sounds as though the Swiss are becoming as bonkers about water as we at The Water Cooler Company are, celebrating their new-found passion in a concert held on the 29th May, during which audience members found themselves bombarded with only the sound of various watery occurrences. The Basel-Geneva-Zurich Pavilion was filled with spectators/music lovers, […]

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