Accessible Drinking Water Fountains

accessible-drinking-water-fountainThe Water Cooler Company has a background in providing drinking water solutions to schools and public places. In these environments accessibilily is often a major concern – and therefore this article lists the options for accessible water fountains.

Advantages of Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking water fountains were originally developed in the United States by a company called Halsey Taylor which has since been purchased by the largest manufacturer of water coolers in the United States, Elkay. Fountains were originally developed for high usage environments where it was important that the unit would require little maintenance and was robust.

Most drinking water fountains are plumbed directly into the mains-water supply meaning a limitless supply of water at all time – which often makes them more appealing than bottled water cooler.  Also most drinking water fountains can be plumbed into the waste water system meaning that excess water is unlikely to affect the surrounding area.

Floorstanding Drinking Water Fountains are not always suitable

Drinking water fountains that are typically put into offices and leisure centres are often floorstanding drinking water fountains and do not have good accessibility for users such as the disabled.

Accessible Drinking Water Fountains

the-water-cooler-company-wheel-chair-access-drinking-water-fountainsFor customers who require accessible drinking water fountains one option is a wall mounted fountain and we hold these as a stock item in our London warehouse.  Please read through the detail on this model of wall mounted fountain.

Another option when accessibility is a concern is a mini drinking water fountains which provide access at a lower level and it is this fountain that we most often install in schools across the country.

Wall Mounted Sinks 

Alternatively customers may prefer a simple wall mounted sink as shown at the top of this article. The wall mounted sink is often perfect for outdoor environments as it is not linked to an electical supply.

For full details on this model or any accessible drinking water fountains either email [email protected] or call us on 0845 500 4455.

Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton

Rob Laughton is an established part of the UK water industry and has business interests in drinking water products.

He is actively involved in the self-regulatory associations which work to keep strict standards within the UK water industry.

His related water businesses are listed on and include The Water Delivery Company - Londons' largest independent plumbed water cooler supplier.

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