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Why A Bottle-less Water Cooler?

There are many reasons why you should consider a bottle-less water cooler. One of the main reasons is that they negate the need to replace heavy 20 kilo bottles on a regular basis. Another issues with bottled water is that deliveries are often made at inconvenient times and if you forget to order then you […]

Can I have a mains fed water cooler in my building?

So you have decided to purchase or rent a water cooler. Great! The next step is deciding which type of water cooler is best suited to your requirements. The two types of water cooler available are bottle-type water coolers and mains –fed water coolers. Bottle-type water coolers from The Water Delivery Company provide water via bottles of […]

Plumbed in Water Cooler Sales Set to Increase

  Plumbed in Water Cooler sales are set to increase as reports suggest the bottled variety is experiencing a downturn. Bottled Water Coolers have been a stable since before the middle of the 20th Century but recent changes in the market are likely to alter this arrangement. Romanian Website ZF.RO recently reported that Romania’s largest […]

London on Tap and plumbed water coolers

The Water Cooler Company London has been doing a significant amount of work recently on our plumbed water cooler offering to the hospitality trade – and one of the considerations we have had to make has been around the London-on-Tap initiative. Famed by Ken Livingstone and thus inherited by Boris Johnson, this initiative has been […]

Total Water Cooler Maintenance Contracts

The Water Cooler Company today launches its Total Cooler Care® range of plumbed water cooler maintenance contracts. The market for water coolers is changing and many customers now prefer to choose purchasing over renting plumbed water coolers. When customers choose to purchase plumbed water coolers they often require an installation service and also will need […]

Celebrating Three Years of Plumbed water coolers

The Water Cooler Company celebrated three years of serving London customers with plumbed water coolers on 15th April. Since separating from it’s sister company, The Water Delivery Company, the company has gone from strength to strength in establishing its position as the number one plumbed water cooler company in London. The owners of The Water […]

Natural Hydration Council and Plumbed Water Coolers

Today saw the start of the annual spring onslaught against the bottled water industry and has restarted the debates  in our office regarding bottled water . We thought we ‘d share some thoughts with interested parties. It is commonplace at this time of the year for the media budgets of the large utility companies to be spent attacking […]

Installing a mains-fed plumbed water cooler

The Water Cooler Company is a London based provider of plumbed water coolers to customers within London, we also sell the UK’s widest variety of plumbed water coolers across the UK. When we sell customers plumbed coolers they can either use our nationwide installion service or choose to use one of our water cooler installation […]

Plumbed in Water Coolers for London

The Water Cooler Company are the leading provider of plumbed in bottleless water coolers for the London area, and our specialist knowledge of working in London means we are the ideal partner for customers looking to install water coolers in their office or home. We are extremely confident that our service level, products and company […]

How many water coolers are there in the UK?

The Water Cooler Company is London’s leading plumbed bottleless water cooler specialist – established over seven years ago we service over 2500 water coolers within the M25. We are a part of an industry that turns over £178million per year through the provision of water cooler products and services. Our industry is divided into two […]

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