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Why A Bottle-less Water Cooler?

There are many reasons why you should consider a bottle-less water cooler. One of the main reasons is that they negate the need to replace heavy 20 kilo bottles on a regular basis. Another issues with bottled water is that deliveries are often made at inconvenient times and if you forget to order then you […]

Teach your Kids About Drinking Water

There’s nothing we want more for our kids than to see them grow up big, strong and healthy, and to help them continue to keep their bodies and minds in check throughout the rest of their lives. As we know, setting them off on the right foot is essential, and teaching and encouraging good habits […]

Thinking of a bottleless water cooler?

Are you sick of changing over the empty water bottles from your office water cooler as often as you do? Does it seem as though people are always at the water cooler filling up their cups and water bottles all day? If so, you may need to look at swapping to a mains fed water […]
Merry Christmas

Get ready for Christmas!

Time to get in the silly season mood and deck your halls with holly as it’s almost time for Christmas! It’s always a mad rush to get your Christmas shopping done and with only four days to go we hope you’ve finished all of yours already, no one wants to battle the crowds in the shops […]

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