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The Future of the Mains-fed Industry (Part one)

Chairman of the European Drinking Water Cooler Association James Anderton recently shared the association’s views on the priorities for the mains-fed water cooler sector in 2012.   The economic challenges posed in the current climate are one of the biggest difficulties the water cooler industry is up against.   “With the backdrop of economic instability, […]

Saving Money With Bottleless Water Coolers

We have taken the time to calculate how much money you will save if you rent mains fed Water Coolers compared to bottled coolers. You should really take up the time to read this, because at the end of the day these money are coming out of your pocket and it will be wise to […]

Water Coolers Help Resorts Become Eco-Friendly

There are many resorts that use Water Coolers in their attempt to become more eco-friendly. People these days are becoming very conscious about how they treat the nature and they want to be eco friendly and choose resorts that offer that. So many of the spa centres and hotels are offering this. They are switching […]

The Water Cooler as a Hair Salon Accessory

Have you noticed if the hair salon you go to has a Water Cooler? If it does, you are probably already benefiting from that wonderful device, but if not, you are probably wishing that it has. If you are a client you may suggest that idea to the owner of the salon. And if you […]

Office Water Coolers Raise Productivity

Office Water Coolers are among the things that most raise productivity in the office. If you own a business, or you are the office manager, you are probably looking for different ways to cheer your workers and raise their productivity. If you do not have a water cooler – get one and get one fast. […]
Plumbed in water cooler

Prices of Water Coolers Around the World

Summer is approaching and the raising temperatures are affecting prices of Water Coolers around the world. Particularly in Islamabad. Over there the prices of almost all summer electronic appliances have risen. The temperatures are raising and so are the prices. People really see a big difference in the prices of air conditioners, water dispensers, refrigerators […]

Can I have a mains fed water cooler in my building?

So you have decided to purchase or rent a water cooler. Great! The next step is deciding which type of water cooler is best suited to your requirements. The two types of water cooler available are bottle-type water coolers and mains –fed water coolers. Bottle-type water coolers from The Water Delivery Company provide water via bottles of […]

The Indian summer puts office water coolers back in business

“A great barbeque summer” promised the Met Office. Following sporadic sunshine over the last few months, and now that our barbeque has gathered enough dust to fill a large vacuum cleaner as well as my non-existent British summertime tan, well, paling-excuse the pun-even further into insignificance, it’s time to crack out the sun cream and […]

Brita Release upgrades for Water Coolers

As a market leader in the supply and maintenance of Bottleless Water Coolers the Team at The Water Cooler Company would like to keep you up to date with the latest products and advances in the industry. German manufacturing company Brita has recently advised that it will be releasing 2 new water filters at the […]

Office Water Coolers- Staying Happy in the Office

Offices can be depressing places, but taking time out and making regular excursions to the nearest Office Water Cooler, could make all the difference between a productive and counter productive work ethic. As the Water Cooler Company knows only too well, is vital to stay happy and positive in the work place. Work shouldn’t be […]

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