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Why A Bottle-less Water Cooler?

There are many reasons why you should consider a bottle-less water cooler. One of the main reasons is that they negate the need to replace heavy 20 kilo bottles on a regular basis. Another issues with bottled water is that deliveries are often made at inconvenient times and if you forget to order then you […]

Saving Money With Bottleless Water Coolers

We have taken the time to calculate how much money you will save if you rent mains fed Water Coolers compared to bottled coolers. You should really take up the time to read this, because at the end of the day these money are coming out of your pocket and it will be wise to […]

Beat the January Blues with a Plumbed in Water Cooler

It’s a commonly known fact that January is rubbish. Christmas has been and gone, and with it the sense of excitement surrounding a new year, and definitely keeping those resolutions this time around, cross my heart, etc. However, here at The Water Cooler Company, we know that keeping fit and healthy in the winter months […]

Can I have a mains fed water cooler in my building?

So you have decided to purchase or rent a water cooler. Great! The next step is deciding which type of water cooler is best suited to your requirements. The two types of water cooler available are bottle-type water coolers and mains –fed water coolers. Bottle-type water coolers from The Water Delivery Company provide water via bottles of […]

Thinking of renting a bottleless water cooler?

If you are looking to rent a bottleless water cooler, get in contact with us here at The Water Cooler Company and we will find the right cooler for you. The Water Cooler Company provides mains fed water coolers (also known as bottleless water coolers) primarily for the office environment, but also for private homes, schools and […]

Scientists Pioneer Drinking Water Collection From Storm Water

An international team of scientists working in South Australia believe they have discovered a method for extracting pure drinking water from storm water using both natural and artificical purification processes. The water, which was stored under the City of Salisbury in a porous limestone aquifer underground succesfully met drinking water health standards when tested after […]

Scots Councils Bottled Water Expenditure Revealed

In the news this week, we came across this drinking water related story regarding Scottish local councils expenditure on bottled water. Following a Freedom of Information request to all 32 of Scotland’s local councils, it was made public that across Scotland, a total of £2, 835,600 was spent on council buildings and official council functions […]

Mains fed Water Coolers – A Brief Outline

Mains fed water coolers are what the water cooler company is best known for, yet it’s surprising how many of you haven’t come accross the term “mains- fed” before, perhaps being more used to referring to the water coolers without a bottle as “plumbed in” or “bottleless”. Mains-fed water coolers are no different to plumbed in, or bottleless […]

Installing a mains-fed plumbed water cooler

The Water Cooler Company is a London based provider of plumbed water coolers to customers within London, we also sell the UK’s widest variety of plumbed water coolers across the UK. When we sell customers plumbed coolers they can either use our nationwide installion service or choose to use one of our water cooler installation […]

What is a water block on a mains-fed water cooler?

  The Water Block is an important part of the Plumbing and Filter Kit for a mains-fed water cooler. It is highly recommended on all installations. The Water Block is a backflow prevention device. It also prevents large scale flooding by limiting the amount of water (dependant upon the setting) that passes through in one flow. Therefore it is important […]

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