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Water Cooler Installation Kits

If you are thinking of installing your own watercooler you should take a look at our industry approved Hard and Soft plumbing kits.The hard plumbing kit comprises everything required to plumb in a mains fed water cooler including 15mm compression t piece allowing you to cut into the pipework and connect up the rest of […]

Why A Bottle-less Water Cooler?

There are many reasons why you should consider a bottle-less water cooler. One of the main reasons is that they negate the need to replace heavy 20 kilo bottles on a regular basis. Another issues with bottled water is that deliveries are often made at inconvenient times and if you forget to order then you […]

Saving Money With Bottleless Water Coolers

We have taken the time to calculate how much money you will save if you rent mains fed Water Coolers compared to bottled coolers. You should really take up the time to read this, because at the end of the day these money are coming out of your pocket and it will be wise to […]
Plumbed in water cooler

Prices of Water Coolers Around the World

Summer is approaching and the raising temperatures are affecting prices of Water Coolers around the world. Particularly in Islamabad. Over there the prices of almost all summer electronic appliances have risen. The temperatures are raising and so are the prices. People really see a big difference in the prices of air conditioners, water dispensers, refrigerators […]

Things that Should not be Chilled

For those of our readers who are lucky/sensible enough to have invested in a great bottleless water cooler for their home or office, it is obvious that having lovely, chilled water on tap is just the ticket to an easy life. Amongst other things. It may not be so obvious, however, which other foodstuffs should/should […]

Great Plumbed in Water Cooler Reads

Sometimes, we just want to curl up on the sofa and let everything in the world pass us by; we want to be alone with our thoughts, to do whatever we please, and relish snuggling up with a nice cup of tea made fresh from our plumbed in water cooler. Of course, this experience can […]

House Water Units come into the Market

As we here at The Water Cooler Company look for new ways in which to hydrate our families and friends in a trendy, eco-friendly and economical way, it seems companies all over the UK are also trying to think of innovative ways in which to allow us to do so. The House Water system, with […]

Can I have a mains fed water cooler in my building?

So you have decided to purchase or rent a water cooler. Great! The next step is deciding which type of water cooler is best suited to your requirements. The two types of water cooler available are bottle-type water coolers and mains –fed water coolers. Bottle-type water coolers from The Water Delivery Company provide water via bottles of […]

Keep Up with the water cooler world on Facebook

For some of us, reading our wonderful blog about the world of the plumbed in water cooler, hot taps and other watery goods just isn’t enough to satisfy the deep thirst (hahaha…oh gosh, we are funny) that we have for knowledge about all these things. If you, like us, are one of these fanatics, first […]

Child-proof taps for your plumbed in water cooler

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at The Water Cooler Company is that we can (and do) provide coolers, chillers, and hot taps for people all over the country, in residential addresses and for businesses. Part of this is our wonderful customer service and follow-up care that we offer once you’re a […]

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