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Why A Bottle-less Water Cooler?

There are many reasons why you should consider a bottle-less water cooler. One of the main reasons is that they negate the need to replace heavy 20 kilo bottles on a regular basis. Another issues with bottled water is that deliveries are often made at inconvenient times and if you forget to order then you […]

Why Switch to a Bottleless Water Cooler?

We specialise in bottleless Water Cooler so it’s no surprise that we recommend you make the change over to a bottleless Water Cooler immediately. Sure it benefits our financial figures bringing on extra customers but what you mite not be aware of is the reasons it benefits you. We often get enquiries from new and […]

Mains fed Water Coolers – A Brief Outline

Mains fed water coolers are what the water cooler company is best known for, yet it’s surprising how many of you haven’t come accross the term “mains- fed” before, perhaps being more used to referring to the water coolers without a bottle as “plumbed in” or “bottleless”. Mains-fed water coolers are no different to plumbed in, or bottleless […]

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