Water Cooler Filtration


The Aquaovo

Today we had our attention drawn towards a very high end water dispenser from a company in France called the Aquaovo. Videos speak a thousand words and you can see the product video below. It may be in French but it is easy to get an idea of the function and style of the product […]

Eco-friendly innovations from OASIS

The concept of being “eco-friendly” has become increasingly important in today’s social consciousness. But it is an idea that OASIS International has proudly been aware of since it began. For more than 100 years, OASIS International has innovated, engineered, manufactured and distributed some of the world’s best clean drinking water solutions. OASIS is the recognised […]

GE Introduce New Industrial Water Solution

Aquatech is an important annual event for companies involved in the drinking water industry, and at this year’s Las Vegas conference, GE will be showcasing its ZCore depth cartridge filter technology, along with its broad product portfolio, to other companies in the industry. Introduced in 2011, GE’s ZCore depth cartridge filters offer improved performance, less downtime […]

The future looks ultra-violet for Philips and Oasis

Philips Special Lighting has chosen Oasis – one of the industry’s oldest and most experienced water cooler manufacturers – to partner on its new InstantTrust ultra violet (UV) solution. The Philips InstantTrust is a very compact UV system of water purification, allowing it to be used in smaller, residential systems and bringing the most state-of-the-art […]

Scientists Pioneer Drinking Water Collection From Storm Water

An international team of scientists working in South Australia believe they have discovered a method for extracting pure drinking water from storm water using both natural and artificical purification processes. The water, which was stored under the City of Salisbury in a porous limestone aquifer underground succesfully met drinking water health standards when tested after […]

Use of Brita filters for plumbed water coolers

The Water Cooler Company have noted a marked increase in the amount of customers who ask whether our water coolers come with Brita filtration, and we hope that the information below will allow them to understand our position and decide on whether to take the Brita option over our other water filter options. Brita’s Water Filtration […]

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