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glass great bear water cooler bottle - Crate front

Glass Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles | With Wooden Crate

This week we received another series of photos from an American friend who – while sorting out his life long possessions for a yard-sale- stumbled upon a glass great bear water cooler bottle. As previously covered in a series of blogs on The Water Delivery Company,  The Great Bear Company is one of the oldest […]
Recycled Plastic Bottle Sculptures

Recycled Plastic Water Bottle Sculptures | The Debate Continues

Plastic bottles (especially water bottles) receive bad press on a fairly regular basis – and the sight of recycled plastic water bottle sculptures for sale at a roadside stall near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa rekindled the debate for us. The Water Cooler Company specialise on the supply of plumbed mains-fed water coolers but do also […]
Museum of Water

The Museum of Water

So how did we end up at the Museum of Water this week. Our water scanners are ever active looking across the UK for companies, individuals & charities doing interesting things with water. The “Museum of Water” fitted perfectly. London artist Amy Sharrocks, has opened up a ‘collection of water’ on the Broadwick Street site where physician […]

Drinking water warning by EDWCA

Press release from the EDWCA . The European Drinking Water Cooler Association (EDWCA) is the largest UK trade association with around 150 members that deliver point of use (POU) and bottled drinking water coolers. The Water Cooler Company is an accredited member. 17 May 2011 – The UK’s largest water cooler trade association, the EDWCA, has […]

Powwow water coolers in adminstration

According to industry sources, Powwow water coolers finally pulled the plug on it’s UK water cooler base of over 50,000 and has called in the administrators. In what would be the UK’s first high profile administration of a water cooler company we expect there to be some anxious customers needs emergency delivery of water and […]

BBC attacked over Bottled Water Cooler Spend

The Guardian has launched a scathing attack on the BBC after it was revealed that £406,000 was spent on providing their premises with bottled water.  The article, although very harsh on the BBC, does raise some interesting points about what larger corporations should be doing in relation to their water coolers. It’s very easy these […]

The Water Cooler Company and Twitter

The Water Cooler Company is please to announce it’s water cooler Twitter profile is ready for customers to sign up to. There is certainly purpose in the community and news aspect and to this end we have simply integrated all blog postings to appear on Twitter as we release them. If you go to our […]

London on Tap carafe launched

So finally we have maybe reached the beginning of the end for London on Tap. The Water Cooler Company in London salutes the ideas that the campaign has put forward and is keen to see where it next focuses its efforts. The launch of the recycled glass carafe, designed specifically for serving tap water in […]

How many water coolers are there in the UK?

The Water Cooler Company is London’s leading plumbed bottleless water cooler specialist – established over seven years ago we service over 2500 water coolers within the M25. We are a part of an industry that turns over £178million per year through the provision of water cooler products and services. Our industry is divided into two […]

The Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme – WIAPS

The Water Cooler Company spend a large amount of time and resources ensuring that our engineers are properly trained and that installations of our plumbed water coolers adheres to governmental regulations.  In February 2009 our engineers became offically registered as part of the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme – WIAPS. Our membership of the Thames Water […]

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