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The One Foundation: Cleaning Water Worldwide

Ensuring everyone has access to clean water is an issue of great importance to us at The Water Cooler Company, and we celebrate the successes of projects such as this one from The One Foundation. Using a ‘like-for-like’ concept to raise money for their charitable projects, The One Foundation donates 100% of profits from its […]

Water cooler bottles used in cannons

We know water coolers can be vital in the fight against dehydration….but terrorism? The humble office water cooler bottle is being deployed in the latest military hardware to deal with hostage situations and terrorist threats. Cardiff-based BCB International has developed the Wall Breaker: a bizarre cannon that fires the water bottles into buildings at high […]

School Drinking Water Fountains

Here at the Water Cooler Company we offer a wide range of water solutions for use in Schools and other educational institutions. One of our most popular is the DWF1. This wall mounted fountain offers a solid and robust option that can be mounted internally or externally.Operation is via a simple push button bubbler valve […]

Oasis Spare Parts

As the Uk’s leading supplier of Oasis Water coolers and drinking water fountains we are also able to offer a full range of spare parts and accessories from replacement taps through to Thermostats and solenoid valves. Whatever your need we can help you identify and obtains the required parts.Please call us on 08455 004455 or email [email protected] for full details […]

Soft drink tax to reduce obesity

Consumption of soft drinks is one of the culprits causing rising levels of obesity and putting people at risk of obesity-related diseases such as heart disease. So the government is proposing to put a “fat tax” on unhealthy foods, beginning with soft drinks, to discourage people for buying them in they hope they opt for […]

The Future of the Mains-fed Industry (Part one)

Chairman of the European Drinking Water Cooler Association James Anderton recently shared the association’s views on the priorities for the mains-fed water cooler sector in 2012.   The economic challenges posed in the current climate are one of the biggest difficulties the water cooler industry is up against.   “With the backdrop of economic instability, […]

Apex Bottle-less Water Cooler

  The Water Cooler Company is pleased to introduce the new Apex water cooler to its range. The stainless steel body of this water cooler makes it easy to keep clean. The common problem people have with a water cooler is when filling bottles or jugs the dispense area is not large enough to accommodate them.No such problem with the […]

Reconditioned Water Coolers

From time to time we have a clear-out of our reconditioned water coolers .For the month of January we are offering special deals on both our bottled and bottle- less coolers. All the coolers are in good working order  and they have all been tested. Some of the coolers have slight scratches on them and […]

Bottle Filling Stations

With the huge range of reusable water bottles on the market these days it makes sense to offer people a free unlimited source of drinking water. This is where the bottle filling stations come into there own. The indoor models feature touch-less operation and are available in chilled or non-chilled versions. We recommend the Omni […]

Oasis Onyx and Kalix water coolers

The water cooler company is pleased to introduce 2 new models to it’s range of coolers “the Onyx” counter top cooler and “the Kalix” floor standing model.   The Onyx is a stylish table top water cooler that offer’s quality, reliability and a great look designed to match contemporary kitchen and break room décors. A […]

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