Plumbed in Water Cooler


Water Cooler Maintenance

Over the next few weeks The Water Cooler Company will be publishing a series of articles and videos on the subject of basic water cooler maintenance. We will also be showing you what to do in the event of a cooler malfunction.We are creating this section of our blogsite in order to offer as much […]

Coffee Roasters Started with a Plumbed in Water Cooler

Two young entrepreneurs from New Zealand, who started out in the world of business with a plumbed in water cooler company, went on to win a national competition with their brand new coffee brand. The brains behind Avalanche Coffee, which recently came out top-taking away the Supreme Winner prize-at the New Zealand Coffee Awards, are […]

Teach your Kids About Drinking Water

There’s nothing we want more for our kids than to see them grow up big, strong and healthy, and to help them continue to keep their bodies and minds in check throughout the rest of their lives. As we know, setting them off on the right foot is essential, and teaching and encouraging good habits […]

Manchester gets Plumbed in Water Cooler Supply

In a bid to save money, as well as do their bit for the environment, Manchester City Council have invested in plumbed in water cooler installations in town halls, which will replace the bottled water supplies that are currently in place. Not only this, but sterilising units have also been installed, allowing the authority’s catering […]

Reuse Water Bottle Caps

Here at The Water Cooler Company, we like to think we’re conscious of doing our bit for the environment, both at work and home. We are active recyclers in our local areas, and switch off the lights when we leave the room. Of course, it’s not only the plumbed in water cooler team that work […]

A day in the Life of a Fencing Champion

As the start date of the Commonwealth Games creeps ever nearer, many sports men and women are gearing themselves up for rigorous training, plenty of rest, and of course lots of drinking water. We caught up with our pal Mary Cohen, captain of the British fencing team, to see how she fits 8 glasses into […]

Great Plumbed in Water Cooler Reads

Sometimes, we just want to curl up on the sofa and let everything in the world pass us by; we want to be alone with our thoughts, to do whatever we please, and relish snuggling up with a nice cup of tea made fresh from our plumbed in water cooler. Of course, this experience can […]

An Animal-Shaped Plumbed in Water cooler?

We all know that having a plumbed in water cooler in the office is of utmost importance, for many reasons; having a cool place to chat with your buddies, somewhere to get refreshed, and, of course, greeting guests into your building with a delicious, cool drink upon their arrival. We’ve recently discovered that the idea […]

Pamela does her bit for Water Filter Charity

There are few things that are more exciting and thrilling than when a celebrity does something useful for a great charity, particularly when the charity works to provide water filters for those who need them most, just like the ones you’ll find in your plumbed in water cooler. Long-time model and actress Pamela Anderson, mostly […]

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