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Water Cooler Maintenance

Over the next few weeks The Water Cooler Company will be publishing a series of articles and videos on the subject of basic water cooler maintenance. We will also be showing you what to do in the event of a cooler malfunction.We are creating this section of our blogsite in order to offer as much […]

Water Cooler Maintenance Packages

The Water Cooler Company offers you two maintenance service packages for home and office water coolers. Whenever you purchase a cooler, this is the first thing you should put on your to do list – set up an annual sanitation and maintenance appointments. It is not enough to just purchase and have the cooler installed. […]

Office Water Coolers Raise Productivity

Office Water Coolers are among the things that most raise productivity in the office. If you own a business, or you are the office manager, you are probably looking for different ways to cheer your workers and raise their productivity. If you do not have a water cooler – get one and get one fast. […]

Surviving the Summer with Water Coolers

With summer just around the corner things are going to start heating up around here – hurrah I hear you say, however be warned, summer can be a particularly dangerous time of the year, especially for the elderly and young children. The Water Cooler Company wants everyone to ensure they stay safe this summer and […]

Thinking of renting a bottleless water cooler?

If you are looking to rent a bottleless water cooler, get in contact with us here at The Water Cooler Company and we will find the right cooler for you. The Water Cooler Company provides mains fed water coolers (also known as bottleless water coolers) primarily for the office environment, but also for private homes, schools and […]

Water Cooler Jokes – Part 2

Due to the outstanding success of our very first installment of “Water Cooler Jokes” we’ve decided to come back with more, yes it’s water cooler jokes – part 2, because there’s never enough jokes to keep you all entertained whilst you’re standing around the office water cooler is there?! Try out one of these beauties next time you go to […]

Water Cooler Jokes

There’s always time for a little joke around the water cooler, but do you always find you can never remember any jokes to tell when the time comes? Well never fear, The Water Cooler Company wants to ensure all office workers get their shot in the lime light at their office water cooler so we […]

Office Etiquette

Working in an office environment certainly has it’s ups and downs and while certain offices have different policies, you should always aim to respect co-workers and their workspaces, as well as take note of some general office etiquette that should be upheld at all times. By following these tips you will be an easier member of staff to […]

Thinking of a bottleless water cooler?

Are you sick of changing over the empty water bottles from your office water cooler as often as you do? Does it seem as though people are always at the water cooler filling up their cups and water bottles all day? If so, you may need to look at swapping to a mains fed water […]

Got the winter blues?

Winter in London isn’t much fun. The weather is certainly less than satisfactory with it’s grey skies and rain and the fact that it gets dark at 4pm is complete rubbish. But there are ways to keep your sanity in the winter time, even at work. You can try and keep upbeat around the office […]

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