Mains fed Water Coolers

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Mains-fed Water Cooler Installation

Although the soundtrack and voice-over may be more akin to space exploration, this useful video shows the steps necessary to install a main-fed water cooler. The Water Cooler Company follows all the guidelines of the EDWCA and also works with the BWCA to help define the criteria for a secure mains-fed water cooler installation.

The Water Cooler ( A brief history)

Water coolers have evolved from simply relying on a block of ice for cooling to meeting strict health, sanitation and environmental standards.  Water is one item that every living thing needs almost daily. We can go many days without food, but we cannot go long without water. For over a  century, a primary means for […]

Water Cooler Maintenance

Over the next few weeks The Water Cooler Company will be publishing a series of articles and videos on the subject of basic water cooler maintenance. We will also be showing you what to do in the event of a cooler malfunction.We are creating this section of our blogsite in order to offer as much […]

Thinking of renting a bottleless water cooler?

If you are looking to rent a bottleless water cooler, get in contact with us here at The Water Cooler Company and we will find the right cooler for you. The Water Cooler Company provides mains fed water coolers (also known as bottleless water coolers) primarily for the office environment, but also for private homes, schools and […]

Thinking of a bottleless water cooler?

Are you sick of changing over the empty water bottles from your office water cooler as often as you do? Does it seem as though people are always at the water cooler filling up their cups and water bottles all day? If so, you may need to look at swapping to a mains fed water […]
Merry Christmas

Get ready for Christmas!

Time to get in the silly season mood and deck your halls with holly as it’s almost time for Christmas! It’s always a mad rush to get your Christmas shopping done and with only four days to go we hope you’ve finished all of yours already, no one wants to battle the crowds in the shops […]

Scots Councils Bottled Water Expenditure Revealed

In the news this week, we came across this drinking water related story regarding Scottish local councils expenditure on bottled water. Following a Freedom of Information request to all 32 of Scotland’s local councils, it was made public that across Scotland, a total of £2, 835,600 was spent on council buildings and official council functions […]

Mains fed Water Coolers – A Brief Outline

Mains fed water coolers are what the water cooler company is best known for, yet it’s surprising how many of you haven’t come accross the term “mains- fed” before, perhaps being more used to referring to the water coolers without a bottle as “plumbed in” or “bottleless”. Mains-fed water coolers are no different to plumbed in, or bottleless […]

Mains-fed watercoolers save you money

As January leads in to February we have decided that enough is enough when it comes to wondering if a mains-fed cooler is for you. Our Engineers are proud to be the busiest around, and are throwing in Free Trials left right and centre! This is the one and only way where you can decide […]

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