Bottleless Water Coolers


Oasis Spare Parts

As the Uk’s leading supplier of Oasis Water coolers and drinking water fountains we are also able to offer a full range of spare parts and accessories from replacement taps through to Thermostats and solenoid valves. Whatever your need we can help you identify and obtains the required parts.Please call us on 08455 004455 or email for full details […]

Water cooler cuts down binge drinking

A bid to beat binge drinking in Gloucester has been given funding to install water coolers into bars and clubs, with the aim of reducing drunken crimes and anti-social behaviour. Gloucester is making a bid to the Department for Communities and Local Government “alcohol fund” for two grants of £45,000 over two years. It comes […]

Hidden sugar in “nutritious” bottled water drinks

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently ruled against a poster for VitaminWater stating it is ‘delicious and nutritious’, as each bottle of water contains 23g (nearly five teaspoons) of added sugar per 500ml bottle. After complaints from the public regarding the advertisement, the ASA ruled that people would understand the word ‘nutritious’ to be a claim […]

UNISON promotes water coolers in the workplace

UNISON, one of the U.K.’s leading trade unions, has run a scheme called Water@Work, campaigning to get water coolers in every workplace. It has emphasized in its health and safety guidelines the importance of having drinking water available for all employees, and water coolers are the ideal way to offer this. UNISON assert that, with adequate maintenance, […]

The Future of the Mains-fed Industry (Part 2)

Having an awareness of the public perception perspective on the benefits of water coolers is the third area the industry needs to prioritise, and Anderton believes the industry is doing this by becoming more price-focused.   Growth has proved a challenge for the water cooler industry. However, Anderton points to significant gains in Eastern Europe, […]

The Future of the Mains-fed Industry (Part one)

Chairman of the European Drinking Water Cooler Association James Anderton recently shared the association’s views on the priorities for the mains-fed water cooler sector in 2012.   The economic challenges posed in the current climate are one of the biggest difficulties the water cooler industry is up against.   “With the backdrop of economic instability, […]

Apex Bottle-less Water Cooler

  The Water Cooler Company is pleased to introduce the new Apex water cooler to its range. The stainless steel body of this water cooler makes it easy to keep clean. The common problem people have with a water cooler is when filling bottles or jugs the dispense area is not large enough to accommodate them.No such problem with the […]

Water Cooler Installation Kits

If you are thinking of installing your own watercooler you should take a look at our industry approved Hard and Soft plumbing kits.The hard plumbing kit comprises everything required to plumb in a mains fed water cooler including 15mm compression t piece allowing you to cut into the pipework and connect up the rest of […]

The Water Cooler ( A brief history)

Water coolers have evolved from simply relying on a block of ice for cooling to meeting strict health, sanitation and environmental standards.  Water is one item that every living thing needs almost daily. We can go many days without food, but we cannot go long without water. For over a  century, a primary means for […]

Oasis Onyx and Kalix water coolers

The water cooler company is pleased to introduce 2 new models to it’s range of coolers “the Onyx” counter top cooler and “the Kalix” floor standing model.   The Onyx is a stylish table top water cooler that offer’s quality, reliability and a great look designed to match contemporary kitchen and break room décors. A […]

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