Children need to be educated about keeping hydrated

school children drinking water

School children need more education on the importance of drinking water.

We all know that drinking plenty of water throughout the day can have many health benefits because we are constantly being educated by television campaigns and stories in the media, but do children know just how important it is to drink lots of water?

Quite often the need to educate young people on the benefits of drinking water has been overlooked in the past but more recently more schools are readily buying systems that will allow children to actively reach for a glass of water at any point during the school day.

Because children have smaller bodies, they need to consume more water than the average adult, something which might come as a surprise to many people. Water is one of the most important and essential nutrients for children; recent studies have shown that the more a child drinks throughout the day, the better the performance in the classroom. Dehydration in children leads to a reduction in both mental and physical condition which effects concentration, eventually leading to poorer results in class and vital tests throughout the school life.

Children are at a greater risk of dehydration generally because they are more active and lose water at a quicker rate than most adults. It has shown in recent surveys that as much as 65 per cent of children don’t drink enough water.

Schools can help to reverse this trend by making sure there are enough water coolers and drinking fountains available throughout their sites so that every child has easy access to a continuous water supply whenever they need it. The Water Cooler Company leads the industry in supplying coolers to schools, and enable our customers to provide constant water access for their students.

Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin is a part-time journalist who writes articles for Drinking Waters UK - one of the UK's largest suppliers of drinking water products including water fountains, water coolers, water filters, distilled water and spring water. Add me to your Google+ circles.

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