Charity: Water working to water the world

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Charity: Water provides fresh clean drinking water to developing countries.

Drought and limited access to water are two major problems across the world. But luckily, there are many charities that are working hard to change this situation and find a solution. One of these organisations is Charity: Water.

The main aims of Charity: Water are firstly to raise awareness on the issue of water deprivation and secondly, to take important steps towards combating this problem. Charity: Water liaises with various companies who support their work in providing fresh, clean water to those who so desperately need it. Around 800 million people across the globe are without such a vital resource, and the charity is working hard, using 100% of the donations generously given, to fix this situation by providing things such as freshwater wells, rainwater catchments and sand filters.

Charities such as Charity: Water are invaluable at supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable people, and ensure that they are given access to the most basic yet most important need. The Water Cooler Company champions any organisation which promotes accessibility to water; we work hard to ensure our customers also have access to the best quality water available through the best quality water coolers.

Glyn Richards

Glyn Richards

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  1. Bettina Cardwell Bettina Cardwell says:

    Good day! Water deprivation is one of the most critical problem that needs to be solved. I agree on the idea to raise awareness about this dilemma. Hope people who read this blog might help this charity. this is a good idea!

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