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rental water coolers People often now opt for fizzy drinks over water and this bad habit is contributing to ever-rising levels of obesity in the UK. And it isn’t just the UK experiencing this problem; it is a problem occurring across the world. But people are coming up with innovative solutions to combat this difficult issue. A businessman from Auckland, Tony Falkenstein, has come up with an imaginative response to the anti-fizzy war: he has distributed rent-free water coolers to thousands of homes in a poor part of the city and supplied families with filtered tap water at $1 a litre. He estimates that the consumption of fizzy drinks has fallen by 60 per cent in homes that have a water cooler.

It seems that Falkenstein got the idea from bringing home a water cooler for his own children. They could help themselves to a drink and use easy technology – pressing a button – at the same time. The psychology behind the idea is simple: it is reprogramming the brain to think that using a water cooler is as much fun as buying a fizzy drink…which we at The Water Cooler Company know it is!

Water coolers are a great investment for both your bank balance and your health, and they are a fun and easy way for children to make a good choice about what to drink. And with the range of coolers on offer at The Water Cooler Company, customers are sure to find something to suit their home or office space, as well as their budget.

Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin

Kayleigh Clerkin is a part-time journalist who writes articles for Drinking Waters UK - one of the UK's largest suppliers of drinking water products including water fountains, water coolers, water filters, distilled water and spring water. Add me to your Google+ circles.

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